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riccochet_s<v_S query

Can you give me an example of how to use the riccochet_s<v_S query?

How many arms (_0) does a person (_1) have? given: (person component (arm component 2))

Here is my attempt, which does not work

#query(direct_svo subject verb object count fromset toset auxdata auxdata)

u: ("xxx5"

= ^query(riccochet_s<v_S person component ? ? arm component
 if (@
  person has 
@0object arms 
  query failed

What I am hoping to do, is get the (arm component 2) fact, so I can delete it and replace it with another fact. I think riccochet_s<v_S should able to do that.


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Hopefully it can also be used to find out how much mackerel or fish this fellow has.

(bob has (mackerel quantity 10))


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