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Is anyone else noticing that the log files are unvavailable since yesterday afternoon? 502 Gateway errors on trying to access or perform any other operations on them (marking, deleting, etc).

Just curious… the server seems to be ok and my bot is live and ok. it’s only the logs that seem to be out of commission.

Kimara Sajn


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Well. now it appears the thing is completely down. at least, all of the bots (not just my own) and access to the main page for the bot control etc.

What’s NOT down are the information pages from their new home page. That’s all up and running but any of the legacy pages (bots, training, et al) appear to generate the delightful 502 error we’ve come to know and love.

I’ve emailed Pandorabots but no response yet. I sent them a message early this morning. It’s been down all day raspberry

Anyone else noticing this yet? Your bots are not working if you’re on that server, just FYI.



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We are down temporarily for database maintenance.  We expect to have the system back soon.

Thank you for your patience.


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Hey there,

Thanks for the update, Richard. It’s greatly appreciated. I was concerned but assumed it might be something like that.

As there wasn’t a status page or other notification on the site - and since i’ve gotten used to seeing 502 errors periodically - i couldn’t be sure it wasn’t an outage or traffic related issue.

I was also surprised that no one else seemed to mention it (here or on the net anywhere). So, i’m quite relieved to know it’s just maintenance! Thanks again. Apparently, this is not a bad place to post about these sorts of things, eh? smile

You might consider a system mod to the site that dynamically sets the affected areas to a status notification page.  You could switch it on just before maintenance begins and off when it’s done. I created one like that for my former employer, as we also provided software as a service. It really helps to be able to easily notify folks (and mitigates support calls etc). Perception being 99 percent of the battle and all that.

Just a suggestion, not meant as any sort of criticism. I’m a big fan of the service and, though i’ve considered the Shared Service for a more reliable server experience, find that the free service is really quite nice. Bravo on that.

Good luck with the maintenance, thanks for the heads up and continue the excellent work!



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Database maintenance is complete and the system is back up now.


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Indeed it is, thank you very much smile



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