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Question about %more

This is another question that is related to a problem with voice recognition. A user is prompted to respond yes or no, but they might respond with additional words or sentences and the voice recognition may or may not insert punctuation. So, if I write:

t: Do you want to hear about my cats?

a:(~noanswer %more) NextInput() ^retry(SENTENCE)

this will catch things like, “No, let’s talk about my dogs.” or “No. Let’s talk about my dogs.” take the words following the punctuation, “let’s talk about my dogs” and retry it as a sentence.
My question is how to deal with input like,
“No let’s talk about my dogs.” where there is no comma or period to separate the initial no from the rest of the sentence. Using %more won’t work, so is there a way to do it?

As always, my thanks!


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If your interjections file recognizes a leading No as an interjection, then it will get split off regardless of punctuation or not.
Of course, that means “no people can be free” would treat no as an interjection.
So if you want more reliable context matching, you have to actually use patterns to decide when to split it off or not. Eg.

u: (no _~verb _*) input(no . ‘_0 ‘_1) fail(sentence)
u: (no _~pronoun _*) input( no . ‘_0 ‘_1) fail(sentence)


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Thanks again, Bruce!


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