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I just did a fresh install of my operating system, now getting back to working with ChatScript. When I try to run it though, I get the following error:

./LinuxChatScript32error while loading shared open shared object fileNo such file or directory 

and yet when I check existence of the file it’s there:


I am pretty sure this is an obvious and easily repairable issue, but durned if I can figure out what I’m doing wrong. (quitting smoking was supposed to be good for me, it has turned me into an idiot!)

regards, Richard


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Okay, so I’m an idiot sometimes. ChatScript is a 32 bit program and I run a 64 bit machine. DUH!!!!

To all future ChatScripters who make the same dumb mistake I did:

sudo apt-get -y install ia32-libs 

will allow you to run ChatScript (and other 32 bits programs) on your 64 bit machine.

regards, Richard the Red Faced


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