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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..

Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
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I guess I need more coffee. wink


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Cheers. Enjoy your day. lol.


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In other news, I’ve decided to say in England, Gain citizenship, and spend the rest of my life campaigning for wider roads over here. I don’t mind telling you that this is a very important cause for me, and one that I will passionately pursue till the end of my days.


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And just how would you say it exactly?

JUst kidding…I know you meant to say Stay.

But Dave, they are obviously used to and comfortable with the way things are otherwise they would have changed them long ago.

Given that their country is smaller than New York, but has almost 2-1/2 times as many people, I think the stats speak for itself.

Besides, there’s still a lot of land left in Nevada for you to conquer!

(Next you’ll be trying to get them to drive on the “right” side of the road!! wink


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Heh…All in good jest, my friend!!!;)


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Maybe I should have said raspberry cheese


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RE: “wider roads”
Thats the American in you talking Dave. Our ever practically minded brethren across the sea had a different solution. They built a smaller car. And so was born the “Mini” of course the poor Mini was later kidnapped by Bavarians who sold it into slavery here in the U.S. where the first thing that happened to it was, we made it bigger. For years I petitioned for a new name that reflcted the increase in girth, the MIDI. However eventually I was sued by IEEE ICANN and IHOP for infringing in the Musical Instrument Data Interface acronym, and had to give the quest up. The right vs left issue was scientifically shown to be irrelevant in an alcohol study where it was determined that after x number of beers the average Citizen of both Great Britain and the U.S. basically tried to drive down the middle anyway. Again being practical, it took far fewer pints in the UK then Miller lites in the US to get there wink



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Haha! Good stuff Vince!! smile


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Sadly, the car “hire” agency, thinking they were doing me a favor by catering to my being an American, rented me a Volvo, thinking I’d be more comfortable in a larger vehicle. Had they just given me a Mini to drive, the whole “narrow roads” issue might have been mitigated, at the very least, if not completely eliminated. I could never drive my Dodge Avenger over there. Huge as that Volvo was, it’s still at least eight inches narrower than my car, and I would have never been able to fit it into the parking spaces there, let alone navigating some of the back streets I had to travel during my visit. And don’t get me started on parking over there; ESPECIALLY in Brighton! big surprise

BTW, how did we get on this subject, anyway? {checks} Oh. Never mind. cheese


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Yep, those agencys love us Americans. When my wife and I went to Sicily, they rented us a Mercedes STATION WAGON!!!
There wer some streets where I stood in the middle of the road and touched buildings on both sides at the same time.
No, I’m not the Elastic man either.

It was a nice vehicle, just not practical for driving there! Then again, they don’t get too many 6’8” 300 lb men renting their cars I’d wager! big surprise

OK…back to Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence…


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A.I. Engine deactivated during early alpha testing.
So, now it will just echo back whatever is said to it.
At present, it may close to the intelligence of an Octopus.

Tested on Firefox
Not tested on IE.
Not tested on Safari
Not tested on Opera
Not tested on mobile devices

If anyone trys any of these browsers, please post!
Thank you for your help.  I really appreciate it.


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Hehe, 8man that’s like your best interface yet.  Now, if you only had some intelligence behind it, like adding the Cleverbot API, then you might even have a product….


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That is quite an interesting interface! I am excited to see what else will be added to it.

It works perfectly fine in Firefox, Lightning, and the default ‘Browser’ on my Samsung Galaxy S4.


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