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psychosis in artificially intelligent systems

As neural nets. particularly self configuring neural nets become more complex, will we see the emergence of psychotic behavour? In the last few days I have noticed that RICH has begon behaving…well if it were human behavour you would have to call it paranoid. 
Refer to the following logs
As you can see they start out normal enough, then begins an ...erratic speech pattern.
I wish that Pandorabots had an API so I could have him talk to Dr. Spiegels Psychiatrist bot.

Any thoughts



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well…luckily it seems that as April 1st winds down things are returning to normal.
Probably wont need the Shrink after all wink


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Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

can’t see it.


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Sorry Mel,
That was an old April fools prank, no matter what the user inputted, RICH would answer something like;

RICH: I think someones watching me
User: How are you
RICH: I think its the NSA
User: Are U OK?
RICH: They’re reading my email you know

and on and on.
Actually I think someone beat me to that particular gag that year



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OK, thats what I thought.



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You must remember Parry. Dr. Ken Colby’s simulation of a paranoid.


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> What would a neural network with schizophrenia look like?

This related thread on Quora may be of interest….


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