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Loebner 2013 Transcripts

I’ve compiled a transcript of the Loebner 2013 questions and responses in a format to easily compare the responses from one bot to another:


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Thanks for the link, Brian.


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Nicely done.  Where did you get the raw transcripts?


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Thanks, Steve.


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That is a convenient overview Brian, thanks.

There seem to have been a few inexplicable delays in communication. Mitsuku has it at the car question, Arckon has it as the birth sign question, where the answer isn’t given until the next question. Arckon would only omit an answer if two questions were entered as one single input, which would be the case if enter was not pressed after the first question, and the second question followed within 3 seconds. (after 3 seconds, Arckon presses enter himself). If you figure it out before I do, please let me know.

The other weird thing is Arckon’s answer to the first question, which doesn’t match my backup copy’s answer. Here he replies only to the “Hello” part, while yet the “I’m Ronan” part was clearly processed at some point as well. It seems a technical impossibility that the user name registered and yet didn’t register at the same time.

Last thing I note is that “atheist” was only misspelled in a few cases. I can be sure that it was misspelled during the test itself by the fact that Arckon denies it. So, were the questions typed manually? I thought the test was automated?

Not that it would have mattered to my score. I’d just like to eliminate all LPP issues for next year, the test is tough enough as it is.


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Note I’ve been informed there may be a html code compatibility issue with IE 8 on my link

If the top and left columns are not fozen as you scroll, go under IE Tools menu item and choose “Compatibility View.”  Let me know if there are any other browser problems.


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Brian Rigsby - Jul 1, 2013:

If the top and left columns are not frozen as you scroll, go under IE Tools menu item and choose “Compatibility View.”  Let me know if there are any other browser problems.

This untested code snippet is meant for discussion purposes only.

Perhaps forcing a compatibility mode by adding a tag like this

<meta http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=EmulateIE7”>

to the top of the page, may automagically fix it for everyone, Brian?

Very nice job on the transcript compilation site, IMHO.



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Well, that “untested” piece of HMTL code appears to have worked on that incompatible version of IE.  Thanks 8PLA! I don’t use Mozilla or Firefox, so if anyone has any difficulties with other browsers on the frozen header and frozen first column let me know.  I also took the NORESP out of the transcript where the judge did not respond for a long period of time generating the “Are you There?” NORESP’s.  I’m sure these were not part of the judge’s score.  Let me know if I missed any.


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A very good habit to get into when creating web pages is to view your creation in at least three web browsers to assure compatibility. These three browsers are Internet Exploder, Firefox, and Google Chrome. The only time tou need to use more than those three browsers is when you’re testing actual HTML5/CSS3 code, or doing ultra fancy stuff with JavaScript. But the bare minimum with ANY sort of HTML code is to view the page in those three browsers.


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Good advice Dave.  Unfortunately, it was a specific version of Internet Explorer that didn’t respond to the appearance of the frozen columns and headings.  Thank you Microsoft smile


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@ Brian   That’s awesome, thanks.

Very impressed with Mitsuku’s responses.


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As to the browser issues:

I find it interesting that Mozilla Firefox 3.x, 10.x, and the current 22.0 have that issue but version 1.0.x doesn’t. (In Firefox 1.0.6, the vertical scrolling of the left column doesn’t work, otherwise everything is fine with scrolling - except see below.) - I used version 3.x and 10.x as the Firefox clone Iceweasel, btw.

All other graphical browsers I tested (with the exception of Dillo, but that’s a really lightweight browser for business card cd live systems and doesn’t really count), left the upper row and left column in place. Those were Opera 12.12, Google Chrome (and its clone Chromium), Konqueror, and Internet Explorer 8.0 and 10.0. Of these the Internet Explorer versions were the only one where the scroll bars were not behind the upper row and left column. (Konqueror uses a different background color for the bot names, too, btw.)

And thanks for the compilation, of course.


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I think I’m showing my age.  Some of the newer browsers are no longer supporting my meager attempts at advanced HTML coding learned years back! smile  You wouldn’t think it would be difficult to freeze the top and left columns in an HTML table, right?  It’s crazy complex.  I would likely need to do this in Java if I’m going to get it to work exactly the same in every browser.


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MikeA - Jul 3, 2013:

Very impressed with Mitsuku’s responses.

Thank you. It did enough to progress to the finals and that is all I was hoping for at this stage.


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I just got word that the questions were entered by a human judge, so I think that accounts for the spelling mistake and the one ‘delayed’ answer.

Were any of your entries dependant of enter being pressed at the end of input? I built in a 3-second timer as well, but I’d love to do away with it.


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