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Pysh v0.8a is Available
Which has more potential in your opinion?
AIML-based Chatbots 1
Xaiml-based Chatbots (Betabots) 1
Some Other Chatbot 1
Total Votes: 3
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I have released four new chatbots. My chatbots, called Betabots, use Xaiml instead of AIML. I was here on this site a few months back and I referred to my chatbot engine as ProgramPY-SH because it was a Unix-shell/Python3 hybrid. Well, I now call the engine Pysh (pronounced Pie-SH). It is entirely Python3. As for Xaiml v1.8b, it will no longer try to be backwards compatible with AIML. The Betabots are hosted on the following links.


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