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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Chatbots


I’ve asked Richard Wallace a number of times for examples (case studies) of people who have tried using IVR with AIML, so far without luck.  I have also asked a number of IVR companies how to use IVR with AIML chatbots, such as Pandorabots; they said it was not possible, and that ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) must be used instead.  However, I’m not at all convinced this is true; if you look into how IVR actually works, via IVR “grammars”, those grammars appear remarkably similar to AIML pattern recognition.  It seems to me there is just a modest “adapter”, or “transducer”, missing to marry IVR with AIML… and in turn open the world of PBX and telephony to the likes of Pandorabots, etc.  I’ve also just updated my “100 Best IVR Videos” page, below.



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Any luck so far?


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If you break the process down into its parts;

speech recognition->text->knowledge representation->response

The speech recognition part can be down in a variety of ways. In a web form (google or apple products) the speech recognition is done in the cloud and the text is filled into the form. This could be done on the fly over the phone.

An AIML interpreter (or similar system) could be used to perform the latter steps even though in most systems these components are more tightly coupled.


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I agree with Merlin.  And I believe this may go from theoretical to prototypical with a reasonable amount of effort.  However, there may be some special considerations.

The calls being made to the automated assistant for demonstration, involves giving out a phone number.  Then the automated assistant may make an additional outbound phone call, in the process.  That may be two phone calls per demo.

So, as cool as it would be to talk to a chatbot by phone, demonstrating it publicly in the manner in which we have become accustomed to with chatbots on the web, may not be the same by phone.  There is the potential for cost for each phone call demonstration.


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Automatic Call Distribution is the process of routing incoming calls to the most suitable agent who can answer the caller’s need appropriately. It is practiced through a ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) system that distributes call based on pre-defined rules including skill-based call routing.

Skill-Based Routing
Immediate Response to High-Value Callers
Integration with CTI Technology
Connect Multiple Locations
Call-Back Facility
Coaching of Agents through Call Monitoring


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