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Help shape the IOT (and possibly win an IOT home kit)

Hi guys,
I have a question for you, or better said, I’m looking for some help. As you’re probably already aware, a couple of months ago, I embarked on a new project together with a few other people. We are building an internet of things solution with the purpose to bring machine intelligence into your home.
That’s of course a very broad and open statement, so we are collaborating with a Belgian research center called iMinds. They will be investigating the adoption and acceptance of our products through an online intake-survey and probe research. (in other words, they will tell us which are the most desired features)
They have asked us to look for people willing to participate on this online survey. So I figured you guys might be interested in this sort of stuff. For instance, would you like to hook up a chatbot to your home so that it can control stuff and what/how should it be able to control. But also, how willing are you to share your data,...
The survey itself should be pretty fun. They’ve told us that they work with short animations and stuff, so that should be interesting. They have also told us that the survey wont take too long.
In return for your time, out of all the people that participate, 1 will win an ‘IOT home kit’ which consists out of a controller (most likely raspberry-pi based, which will allow you to add your own applications/features to the off-line and online parts of the system) and some zwave or zigbee based devices like a door sensor and some intelligent sockets & lightning).
If you are interested in this, send me an email and I will add you to the list. After a couple of weeks, iMinds will then send you an email with some extra info and an invitation to take the online survey.
You can also find some more info on our website
Thanks for helping us out with this.


  [ # 1 ]

Count me in. Email sent to your profile address.


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks Steve. 
I think something is going wrong with the email on the site though, cause I haven’t seen any incoming emails, but I just tested the address so that’s ok.


  [ # 3 ]

otherwise, you can send it to directly (replace _AT_ with @)


  [ # 4 ]

Strange. I got a copy to say it had been sent.
Ah well, I’ve resent it direct to the address you just posted.
It was just to say, count me in and to give you my email address.


  [ # 5 ]

Got that second mail ok.
Thanks Steve.


  [ # 6 ]

It would be an honour to offer my support for your research and development.
Especially in Brussels.  I like Brussels very much.


  [ # 7 ]

last call, I’ll be sending out invitations later today, you can still enter if you like…


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