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Boston Bot Summit


I thought this was an interesting read on bot ethics related to comedy and comedians, “Bots Should Punch Up”....


More on the recent Boston “Bot Summit”....


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Here’s the video from Bot Summit 2014, organized by Darius Kazemi and sponsored by Wordnik API.


- Opening Comments, Participant Introductions
- The Top 20 Reasons Bots Are Cool, Ivy Baumgarten
- @congressedits: Politics + Wikipedia + Twitter = ?, Ed Summers
- Bot activism through tools instead of content, Rob Dubbin
- Protest bots, Zach Whalen
- Fun With Corpora Manipulation, Thrice Dotted
- Translating World Clock, Nick Montfort
- Reverse Engineering Netflix, Ian Bogost
- Wordnik Goes Not-for-Profit, Erin McKean
- Twitter Bots and Fair Use, Tobi Hahn
- Image Bots, Beau Gunderson and Matt Schneider
- The Lonely Project, Lauren Hallden
- Bot Culture and the Myth of the Wacky Inventor, Johannah King-Slutzky
- Selfhood and the Icon, Katie Rose Pipkin
- Publishing and Preserving Bots, Leonardo Flores
- Closing Comments


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