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Dave Morton Sir,
Can you please tell me how can we greet a user, when program-O loaded first time in browser( at the time of user session initialization).
Is there any function which can be used to select topic at any moment while chatting.

Waiting for you prompt reply.
Thank you


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I’m not entirely certain that I understand your question. Are you asking how to have the chatbot “make the first move”, and issue an initial greeting to the user when they first load the web page? If so, that’s as simple as populating the web page with the initial greeting into the HTML element where the user would normally see the chatbot’s response. Once the user sends input, and program O returns a response, that initial greeting would then be replaced by the returned response. You can see an example of this with my chatbot, Morti.

Of course, if that’s not what you meant, then some further explanation on your part is necessary before I can give you a usable answer.


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Sir actually I don’t know its documentation structure. I don’t know which file is used for what purpose? So i want know which file and directory containing what kind of functions.

and my another question was… Can we echo all the topics (<topic> * </topic>)  in a single instruction as hyperbolic link. If I click on any of those link that should be selected and then next query should be searched in that context only.


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