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! sub not following older + entries

Hi guys,

I found a potential issue.  With my bot, I was working on adding some ! sub entries to cater for spelling mistakes, and the weird IRC type language (hru ==> how are you) and so on.  I was doing some testing, and realized some rules were not triggering.  Consider the following :-

sub one two

test one
you said one 

The trigger test one will never trigger.

In a knowledge base of a few thousand entries, this can be a problem.  I’m busy putting a script together to mass change this, but I would imagine that RiveScript should have some support for this already.

Any thoughts on the matter?


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But isn’t that what it’s supposed to do if the word “one” is theoretically a misspelled word? “+ test two” would trigger, right? In your example, the pattern would be equivalent to “+ test hru”. Would you want to match that before substitution takes place? Wouldn’t things become ambiguous then?


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You’re right.  The problem is when the ! sub gets added afterwards, you could potentially isolate a bunch of rules that would otherwise be triggered.

In my case, this happened due to my bot originally being coded in AIML, with a bunch of <srai> tags handling misspellings for me.  This is done better within RiveScript.


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Oh, I see what you mean. You have for instance an old “What’s up?” pattern and now you’re translating all inputted instances of “what’s” to “what is”, so the old pattern won’t match any more. In that case it would be convenient for updating, but the computer would have to do twice as many pattern comparisons. Or automatically apply the substitutions to all patterns as well, which would be most convenient indeed. I’m just wondering if that would delay the response noticably.


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Did you take a look at the modified AIML based files that Noah had included in the RiveScript folders? They work very well for the most part.

I went through hundred of them and removed all foreign language words and phrases as I plan only to use it for personal use and perhaps a few friends here in the USA.

Doing so also lightened the byte size load by about 650,000 bytes so in the grand scheme of things, it’s all good.

The modified AIML lines do not have any <srai> tags to worry with.

RiveScript has a lot of potential and so far my bot is working nicely. Best of luck to you!


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