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just checking in

Its been awhile since I checked into this site. I’ve maintained a level of interest by reading the daily email notifications. Those are, I believe, the only auto emails I actually enjoy receiving. During the past few years I’ve managed to expand my programming and database skills as well as learning a few.other things. I’ve completed some MOOC courses and am presently learning android development. My interest in ai and mobile apps is beginning to grow.

I really appreciate the steadfastness of those of you who continue to develop your skills and your own chatbots.

Chuck Bolin


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Good to see you are still active.


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Nice to see you back again Chuck.


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Holy COW!!! big surprise

Welcome back, Chuck! Great to see you. smile

I don’t mind telling you that you have been missed. Are you still working on your “virtual world”? I’d be very interested in hearing about it if you are. That was one of my favorites here.


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I haven’t worked any more on my virtual world, code wise. However, I do spend a lot of time thinking about the various problems associated with “Walter” walking about the virtual park in North Carolina.

Have you noticed when you think about AI, that often you see yourself interacting with your immediate world from a 3rd person perspective? I seem to do this. I ask questions such as what is truly relevant with what I see and hear? How do I filter out the noise of life and grab hold of the meaningful stuff? How do I file this away in my ole noggin? In terms of conversations, I find myself listening in on my own conversations with others, attempting to discern factual information, idioms, routine dribble, emotions, etc.

Have you seen this site?  It provides real time position/velocity/heading information related to all ships in the world greater than 300 Tons. I’m curious about a chatbot that might be able to answer questions using this data, as opposed to virtual information.

My android assignment tonight required me to write an app that allows the user to enter lat/long and return the marker on top of the map. So, my mind is churning.

Good to hear from all of you.



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Chuck Bolin - Mar 7, 2014:

...  when you think about AI, that often you see yourself interacting with your immediate world from a 3rd person perspective?

Two books you might enjoy practicing 3rd person perspective thinking: 

“Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know”, Alexandra Horowitz (cog sci prof),


“The Lifecycle of Software Objects”, Ted Chiang.




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The Lifecycle of Software Objects (Kindle Edition) is around $5USD on Amazon, while Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know is around $11USD in Kindle format (can you tell I’m a big fan of Kindle? cheese )

BTW, thanks for the titles, Alan. I’ll certainly be picking up the latter for myself. smile (The one about software objects, in case anyone is wondering)


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Welcome back Chuck. As Dave mentioned, you have been missed!


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Unfortunately, this was originally posted back in March and I don’t think Chuck has been back since.


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True, but I missed seeing it back then and figured it wasn’t too late to say hi yet. wink


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