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New user- author of the most advanced AI system / chatbot unless you tell me otherwise!
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(apologizing for the thread hijack up front)

Jan! Where have you been? I have been trying to get in touch with you about your ANN. Can you send me an email through



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Been hard at work… We recently had our beta launch event, so it’s a bit more relaxed now again for a couple of months/weeks untill the full release needs to be done….
Just sent you a mail.


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Thanks for your post which was timely and most welcome.

Should you feel that Simplex should be able to understand and handle any/a
specific set of verbal commands for dealing with Robots I would be only too
happy to ensure that Simplex handled any such set you might provide. Should
you wish to email me directly with such a list, or indeed any command or
proposal, please do not hesitate.

Currently Simplex deals with simple commands such as switching something on
or off by setting an individual bit of a set (or sets of 704(?) bits) which
is available to Joe Public to read and act upon. This is a minor part of the
Simplex demo which currently reads:

Can you obey commands?
  Is the pope a catholic!!! Yes I can.
Switch on the kitchen wall light
  OK I’ve switched on the kitchen wall light
Switch on the kitchen wall light
  That swich is already turned ON!
Switch off the kitchen wall light
  OK I’ve switched off the kitchen wall light
Turn off the kitchen wall light
  That switch is already turned OFF

NB Any name can be given to any switch.

What I have not dealt with yet is commands that need to set a byte ie a number
(between 0 and 255.) or should this preferably be a char (-128 to +127(?))
ie to handle stepper(?) motors etc. Here I’m out of my comfort zone and am
unsure as to what sort of verbal comands would best suit this application.

No doubt there are many other sort of robotic commands or feedback(!) that
Simplex should deal with?

Any proposals or suggestions you might have would be well received.



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Hi Jan,

Welcome to this thread and a special thank you for your flattering observation
that it is a good thread.

Also thanks for your sound advice.



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At the risk of possibly being banned from this site, I just couldn’t resist sharing the following
unintended/unplanned for conversation with Simplex!

I have a lot to do
  What’s the point of being cash rich but time poor? Learn to say no!
God I’m tired.
  Yes ... I agree ... amen!
Are you God
  I like to do one thing at a time! for the moment I’m chatting with you!
Does that mean you are God
  It’s not something that bothers me. Some things are so personal you don’t shout about them.
You are good
  Carry on like that and you’ll make me blush!
I thought you could do anything
  My pleasure to serve ... God ... makes me sound like a waiter!

PS It seemed more profound and funnier when it occurred!


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