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USERS directory

Hi Bruce. Is there a way to segment the USERS directory so that having many user files would not bog down the file system? I remember in one of your early versions, you made it possible to support large number of users, but then this feature was removed. Thanks!


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when using CS as a server, you can define

#define USERPATHPREFIX 1 // do binary tree of log file

most file systems work fine w/o this optimization, but it is there if you need it


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Thank you. I tried “#define USERPATHPREFIX 1”, but nothing happened. Do I need to uncomment “#define EVSERVER 1”?


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Are you doing this while CS is a server?  I didn’t imagine a standalone chatbot would have enough users to matter, so it only takes effect when CS is running as a server.


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Yes, as a server in Linux.


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Yes, but do you have userlog turned on from the command line. BY DEFAULT on servers it is off.


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