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Introducing StickyPad - note keeper for Windows

While it’s not a tool that’s specifically designed for use in the creation/editing of AI entities, StickyPad is a handy way to jot down thoughts, code snippets, messages, or whatever else you need to “write down”, without the hassle of either finding a pen and paper, or of opening a text editor, typing whatever (or pasting from the clipboard) you need.

StickyPad has the following features:
[li]a multiple tab interface for keeping things separate[/li]
[li]“Drag and Drop” functionality, which Notepad doesn’t[/li]
[li]the ability to customize tab names, background and text colors, to individualize each tab[/li]
[li]automatically saves each tab’s contents on close, or through a save button that sits on each text tab[/li]
[li]options to shrink when focused on another app/window, or to remain full sized[/li]
[li]remembers it’s position, along with any customized color settings per tab[/li]

I’ve tested it on both Windows XP and on Windows 7. When run on 7, there’s a bug that makes the options tab’s background color transparent, but switching from the options tab back to any of the text tabs and back restores the color. Since my dev IDE is on my XP box, it’s hard to locate the problem, as I have to make my changes at my desk, then walk over to the kitchen to test it on the 7 box. :( I’ll find the problem, however, and correct it, but it will take some time.

StickyPad can be found on my Downloads Page, along with several other apps and such that I’ve created over the years. Feedback, of course, is always welcome.


  [ # 1 ]

I downloaded the installer and installed. It placed a shortcut on my desktop and in the programs group.  When I run the program is appears in my Windows Task Bar with the icon. However, clicking on the task bar button does not open the window so I can use the app.

I could click the desktop shortcut and add multiple instances.  I used task manager to terminate the application.  I’m running Vista.

I ran the installer to ‘repair’ the program and there was no change. I then uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Same thing.

Let me know if you need me to test again.



  [ # 2 ]

Thanks, Chuck. Tell me, please: Do you have a single or dual monitor system? and can you provide a screenshot of your desktop when it’s running? These may assist me in finding a solution to the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Vista box available to me, and only my XP box has dual monitors, so some of the troubleshooting is hard for me to do.


  [ # 3 ]

Dual monitors?  Aahh!  I had my left monitor off…I sit in front of the right monitor. 

Your program works quite nicely when I can find it. =)  I’ve added a few tabs and I’ll give it a try over the next several days. I like how it reduces in size…minimizing the real estate on the monitors.

One problem. When I copy text from somewhere and paste it in a tab (not the last one), it only pastes to the last tab. In fact I could only paste to the last (right most) tab.



  [ # 4 ]

Odd. I’ll check that out. It may be that… Well, I’ll see what’s what. Thanks, Chuck!

[edit] I see what you mean now. It’s pasting everything into the last tab, regardless of the tab you’re actually using. This should be a simple fix, but it’s going to be a “tomorrow” thing. I’m already behind with my current project.


  [ # 5 ]

Sounds like an awesome tool Dave, wish I could try it. .. don’t suppose there will be a Linux version out any time soon ? !


  [ # 6 ]

Um… I haven’t worked on a Linux box in a couple of decades, Victor. I think the only thing I remember about it is getting a directory listing (maybe?). That’s “ls -l”, right? smile


  [ # 7 ]

A couple of decades and you got it right ! way to go… yes, there is :


The -l just says you want a long listing.. that is, showing dates, permissions of files, etc, rather than simply list of file names which ls alone would give you.

The things I like about developing my bot on a *nix system is all the tools, grep, find, etc.

One of the things I miss out on is the simple GUI development things like VB, where you can put together a windows app in minutes.  If I spend enough time I think I can find development tools to build ‘windows’ (generic term, not Windows) apps on Linux.  I think Eclipse offers that.

There is no GUI at all in my bot currently, you just open a shell, invoke the program from command line, and go from there.  But sooner or later I’m going to want a nice GUI to do admin things (like adding/editing new words to its database).


  [ # 8 ]

Heh. “grep”. Sometimes, I think that Linus Torvalds Was “under the influence” when he came up with (or swiped from UNIX) the names of come commands. Just like I think that God was “under the influence” when he made the Platypus. smile

With the length of time that Linux has been around, one would think that there would be a nice IDE platform to create windowed applications without having to sacrifice chickens, or throw toasters (ancient reference to my *nix coding days, which probably totaled a month). Perhaps there is|are one|some, and I just don’t know about them. I’m sure I mentioned my phobia|hatred of Regular Expressions?


  [ # 9 ]

LOL, you sure hate regexes.  But just things like the ‘find’ command on *nix is much more functional than on Windows.

I think I will create a new forum topic under tools, “GUI Tools for Unix” to get anyone’s input on this.


  [ # 10 ]

If the “find” command is so great, why couldn’t it “find” my keys for me? Anyways, I think that creating a new topic for discussing GUI tools for Unix would be a good idea, but it may be a lonely place. I’m sure that you’re not the only person here that works on a *nix box, but I’m reasonably certain you’re in the vast minority. I must admit, however, that were it not for a certain phobic behavior, I, too would be the “Consummate Geek”. Windows is E-vile, but I’m too damaged to change. That, and I’m addicted to gaming.


  [ # 11 ]


I’m sure that you’re not the only person here that works on a *nix box, but I’m reasonably certain you’re in the vast minority. I must admit, however, that were it not for a certain phobic behavior, I, too would be the “Consummate Geek”. Windows is E-vile, but I’m too damaged to change. That, and I’m addicted to gaming.

I guess I’m the only ‘geek’ around that actually likes Windows. I’m not even ashamed to admit that.  It’s okay Dave…be free!! =)

My problem is focused more upon VB6 vs C++. Admittedly VB allowed super fast development for many satisfying years.  I embraced C++ about 6 years ago and have gotten really hooked. Unfortunately I’m not very good at using C++ Windows interfaces…which is simple in VB6. However, I’ve written brilliant C++ classes that I can’t duplicate readily in VB6. 

So, I now use VB6 for tools (haven’t crossed over to yet) and C++ for serious applications.

My two cents,


  [ # 12 ]

A colleague of mine here at work says that they made a lot of strange changes in C++ in the last version… or they are considering making some changes, not sure which lol.. but I remember him saying he wasn’t happy about them ! Is this true?


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