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Making Unity3d Chatter.

There was some discussion about embedding ChatScript in another programming environment (  This is an outgrowth of that.

I’ve been working on getting ChatScript embedded in Unity3d so I can eventually distribute it embedded my game instead of running a server and wanted to share my progress.  Because of the length and need to attach files, etc I’ve put it up as a blog post.

Hope that doesn’t violate any forum rules, just trying to share. 

The project files are downloadable, and when combined with chat script source should be all you need to get the first step accomplished.

Next up in a few weeks, time permitting will be getting it bundled ( on a mac, linux and windows are left to the reader ) and using it inside your Unity app.


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Thanks. I’m looking at your blog posts elsewhere too. It is good to see others working on chatbots in Unity.


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Thanks. That’s interesting stuff. Please keep us posted of your progress.


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