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Seeking NL work

I am currently unable to support myself in ChatScript and am sending out resumes for non NL employment. If you know of NL or CS employment/contracting available on the west coast, let me know.

bruce wilcox


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Thank you Bruce for all the amazing work you’ve done. If I know of any contracts in NL I would definitely let you know.


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Please excuse my ignorance - what are NL and CS?


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CS is ChatScript (the form section we are in) and NL is natural language, what ChatScript is all about.


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IBM is hiring for Watson, here.

Additional information
The World is Our Laboratory: No matter where discovery takes place, IBM researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better.


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Apple is looking for help on Siri, and Microsoft is looking for help on Cortona.

Oh, and Pandorabots is looking for a content developer.


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Merlin - Jul 2, 2014:

Oh, and Pandorabots is looking for a content developer.

You sure about that Merlin? I can’t see Bruce coming over to the dark side. wink


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Hey, if they pay well, even I could be tempted to write some AIML.


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