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Useful feature in 4.5

Not that the other features in other versions aren’t useful grin but I thought it might be helpful to explain how we use the redirect feature added to 4.5

We have our own set of substitutions and interjections in LIVEDATA, but you generally need to use the version of ENGLISH and SYSTEM that come with the updated version so it was a bit cumbersome to keep up with Bruce’s frequent improvements to CS. Now that you can tell CS where to look for ENGLISH and SYSTEM, along with the option of having CS look in the parent folder for filesxxx, upgrading CS is now a simple one step process.

We created a parent folder called VPatientChatscript. In this folder we have our RAWDATA and MYLIVEDATA folders, along with our filesxxx.txt file and a batch file to run CS. When a new version of CS comes out we just rename it to “chatscript” and insert the new version into this parent folder with no changes or edits.

Here is the batch file to run CS:

cd ChatScript

Along with the new regress functionality released in 4.4e it is a snap to upgrade to a new version and quickly test it to make sure your patterns still work as advertised.



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