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The Loebner Prize 2014


I just got back from the Loebner competition held at Bletchley park in he UK. The winner this year was Rose by Bruce Wilcox, well done to him.

Bletchley has a long history with Alan Turing, the Enigma Code breaking during WWI and of course his work on computers and AI. It was a real pleasure to be there. As usual it was a well run event by Ed Keedwell and the guys from AISB (who will run it from now on) and Bedforshire University. Hugh was his every flamboyant self and we even had a guest Judge from Top Gear (James May).

All four entries were strong this year and it was anyone’s guess as to whom would win. It will interesting to see the transcripts. A very well done to all involved..

I uploaded a couple of videos to show the results.



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Thanks, Dan. I’ll peek at the videos in a bit. smile


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