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New to this forum, guidance from the experienced ones?

Hello everyone.
Im a developer, I code software that automate process for marketing or data-mining.
Im also going to launch my first SaaS app this January 2015.
I love Science and Technology and currently very concerned of introducing tech education for free to Spanish speaking countries. Im very interested on ending this structural violence by giving a reason to learn something new daily. An academy of inventors somehow.

Well, thats me, Now.. I’m wanting to configure a chatbot that learns from questions, so if he doesn’t identify any pattern available, that line gets to the queue so manually I can write response.
Also, it is possible that when someone asks like “What is keyword?” then the bot do an http request for google or bing to get the define:keyword result?

I have played a bit with Program-O. Im mostly a PHP and Javascript programmer.
I plan using Javascript speech recognition.
Also what is the best way to add image an animation? I don’t think Sitepal would be an option.

Any orientation will be very useful for me.


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I don’t know of better quality, or cheaper, web avatars than Oddcast SitePal.  It seems like there is a big gap in the market for a better quality web avatar system at half the price.


Guile3D Denise is probably the best avatar system for the desktop.


Above are three examples of research avatar systems; however, I recently inquired about the USC Virtual Human Toolkit, and it starts at $10,000 for any non-academic user….


I’m a great believer in APIs in general, and suggest you look into Google APIs in particular.


Mashape now offers many natural language API options, including dialog systems.


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