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Pandorabots - build in delay?

Just wondered if there were any aiml tricks so that a delay could be built in so that the bot doesn’t answer straightaway?  I’m building a roulette game and it would be desirable to have a bit of delay before the winning roulette number is shown rather than it being displayed instantly.  Thanks.


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No sorry. You would have to do this client side.

You could prompt the user like below but it would soon become annoying after a while.

Human: I’ll bet on red 32
Bot: *spinning wheel* say “stop” to stop the wheel
Human: Stop
Bot: Unlucky, it came up black 3


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Ahh, that could work but instead of ‘say stop’ I’ll do something like ‘hit any key to stop wheel’ and use _ wildcard within a topic.  I have a spinning roulette wheel graphic and it would work well with that.  Cheers.


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That’s a good idea. The user may believe that there is some skill in him hitting the key at the right time to stop the wheel on the right number.


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