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Unknown command ‘o’ at brain/eliza.rive line 298

I have created a different chat path for each language, plus one for the starting example (eg folder), but when I open the chat in english language, I read this read error coming from the debugger:

Unknown command ‘o’ at brain/eliza.rive line 298

the strange thing is that my eliza.rive file is only 90 lines, and I don’t know where to patch this little trouble.


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The eliza.rive that comes with RiveScript has 301 lines of code. Assuming you haven’t modified your eliza.rive, if you’re really only seeing 90 lines make sure your text editor is handling end-of-line characters properly. For example, if you open a text file written by a Linux user in Windows Notepad, the whole file will seem to run on in one single line (maybe with word wrapping), and there’d be an ugly square symbol where every end-of-line should’ve gone. But Windows WordPad would deal with those line endings correctly.

Compare your copy of eliza.rive with - it should be neatly formatted with most lines being relatively short. If the lines run extremely long or you see stuff like,

+ *[]I'm not sure I understand you fully.[]- Please go on. 

where the “[]” render as a block character or something weird, it’s a line ending error.

More to the general point of the error message (“Unknown command ‘X’ at file.rive line Y”), it means that one of the lines of text began with a symbol that doesn’t correspond to any RiveScript command (like +, -, >, <, //, *, @, etc…)

You’d also get an error like that if you accidentally hit enter inside a reply and put a line break, like

what is your name
My nam
e is 
<bot name

That would give “Unknown command ‘e’ at test.rive line 3”

Open eliza.rive and go to line 298 (most decent text editors have a “go to line” feature, or will show the line number in the status bar at the bottom of the window) and see what’s up.


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I was changing all the content of eliza file (this is why mine was shorter), now I restored back all the eg folder to skip this problem, hoping to not meet it more.


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