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I won!!

I won this years CBC.  Honestly I am a surprised as in the finals I was up against Skynet.

So okay I am walking on clouds at the moment, and at the same time realize my bot has a LONG ways to go.  I have come to the realization that I am not very creative.  For example, My bot knows what a hammer is, however it never crossed my mind about where you would purchase or buy a hammer.

If anyone has a list of questions that they care to send me please please do!

Also besides the CBC and Loebner are there other contests, for some reason I seem to have great difficulty locating any.


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Congratulations. I’m impressed that both Nicolle and Skynet got so many knowledge questions right.
List of questions:


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Congratulations Mr. Adams.  We may be attempting another run at a Bragging Rights contest, I will let you know if we get the judging sorted out. In the meantime I was wondering where your bot is hosted at? The domain listed on the CBC homepage is expired, I would love to give her a whirl! Can you post a URL?



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First call me Jim, Mr. Adams is so formal.  My bot currently is downloaded from my Google drive.  I am reworking the install program to make it easier ( currently is more of a pain than it should it be).  Once I get that worked out, I would love for you to give it a whirl and tell me what you think. 


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I look forward to it and I will let you know if a date is reached when we can hold the next installment of the bragging rights contest



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I think I have found the problem in the setup program and hopefully will have it fixed by the end of the week.  I’m also trying to add more facts and tighten up a couple of areas I know that are weak.

I’m hoping to enter the Loebner again this year.  However last year proved I have a LOT of work to do.  For me these contest tend to show where my bot is weak.



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