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28 April 15: Viv Will Replace Your Smartphone With Your Fridge and Then Take Over the World

The guys who made SIRI are on the verge of releasing Viv, a word that conjures life itself. Viv is a way of optimizing the Internet that could, among other things, undermine Google and make you far more intelligent and capable. As with all innovations that claim to be advances, however, there, um, might be problems.


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What do you think about it? Till now siri and google now still have so big troubles to understand simple questions and the next step is really so big? To me it look incredible..


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> Hate Siri? Meet Viv - the future of chatbots and artificial intelligence

You can read my take on it in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, above.


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I think if you want to make your own VIV this might give you the basic map of it the api might be interesting to if you sign up to be a viv developer


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hot news samsung to drop android moving to TIZen


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