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Chinese character output possible?

My little requirement is that CS can shoot Chinese characters in its output. I read some threads and notice that Bruce advised the server can process multi-byte characters alright, though the C++ console can’t display them.

However my test turned out to be disappointing. In a setup of simply sending “:do chinese-string” thru a socket volley with SC server, the Chinese string is echoed as a serious of ? characters as depicted in the attached screen shot - the last line is the correct hex string of the 5 double-byte Chinese characters, while the two lines above it are the actual CS response in string and hex formats respectively.

Is there any way I can make CS output Chinese? Many thanks.

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So I copied some chinese into a text file and saved it as utf8 and then did :source on it.
The output in the log file was this:
Respond: user:chinese bot:genie ip: () 1   :do 解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢 ==> 解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢  When:May04’15-07:57:20 Why:

Ergo your input probably was not utf8.


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Hi Bruce,

Thank you for such prompt assist again. Yes, my input is something like double-byte Big5 coding.

So cool to see CS supports utf8 and prints out that sound and beautiful Chinese string in your sample. Two thumbs up again to the awesome CS!


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Hi Bruce,

I’m very new here.
I’d like to implement Chinese bot; according to your saying that “you have to define new concept sets” for a foreign language. But I’ve change the concept file, and rebuild Harry. I can’t use the concept I’ve changed.

If I define canonical forms (LIVEDATA/canonical file), how could I use it in Harry?


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Changing a concept suggested you edited something in rawdata, which is built using :build 0
Defining a new concept in Harry would make it compile with harry, eg

concept: ~myvehicles( ~vehicles extravehicle)
allows you to use all of vehicles and extend it and if that concept is in a harry file, rebuild with :build Harry

Canonical forms will do you no good in chinese, because they get used with the pos-tagger for english, which you wont want to use.


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