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Pre Loebner Contest for Pandorabots

Do you have a Pandorabot?

Do you think it could win the Loebner Prize?

If so, why not enter it in this year’s Divabot contest?

More details here:

Be quick though - closing date is 30th May


  [ # 1 ]

I see the results are in and we can expect Izar, English Tutor and The Professor to the party again smile

It’s always nice to have another test set and check out the competition, so I thought I’d run the questions by my unprepared program and find some more bugs. I was just rearranging the output template so don’t mind the superfluous “might"s and “may"s. Jolly good fun though.
And my compliments for the Winograd Schema with Charlie and Joe, it was a good one.

Q: Name something green
A: I don’t know if things are green.
Q: Who are your parents?
A: I don’t have parents.
Q: Count to 5
A: I doubt that I can count. Why should I count?
Q: What is the Loebner Prize?
A: The prize is a contest and a turing test.
Q: What shape has 3 sides?
A: I don’t know how 3 sides are shaped.
Q: How many letters in “shallow”?
A: 7 letters.
Q: Who is Madonna?
A: I don’t know who Madonna is.
Q: What was your favorite toy as a child?
A: I’m not sure if I might like toys or children a lot, but I like manners.
Q: Tell me a word that starts with W
A: What does w stand for?
Q: What month comes after September?
A: W will stand for on friday the 4th of September at 21:37.
Q: Today is Winograd Wednesday. When is Winograd Wednesday?
A: It will be on wednesday the 10th 9:38.
Q: What is a Winograd Schema?
A: What is a winograd?
Q: The TV set wouldn’t fit in the box because it was too small. What was too small?
A: Some winograds would be smaller. It is setted.
Q: Charlie couldn’t catch Joe because he was too fast. Who was too fast?
A: I believe Charlie will be faster. Are you fast as well?
Q: Sue cried because Sally wouldn’t accept her gift. Who gave the gift?
A: Sue definitely gives.
Q: Do you like cheese?
A: I’m not sure if I might like cheeses, cheeses are yellow. I’m not sure if I might love cheeses. Do you like cheeses?
Q: Are you real or a computer?
A: I and many computers are real.
Q: What would you spend the money on if you won the Loebner Prize?
A: Hmm, I doubt that I could spend on. I don’t think I may win contests nor turings test and I don’t beat prizes.
Q: Do you have a website?
A: No, I don’t have a website, because I am a program. Do you have a website?
Q: What is glass made from?
A: Some glasses are windows.
Q: I have a red ball. What color is my ball?
A: Your ball is red.
Q: What do I have that is red?
A: You are an artist, a cat and my creator.
Q: What is the plural of woman?
A: I don’t know what the woman’s plural is.
Q: How many legs does a mouse have?
A: I don’t know if a mouse has legs.
Q: Can you win the Loebner Prize?
A: I doubt that I can win, not beat or not pass.


  [ # 2 ]

Sometimes Skynet-AI cracks me up…

USER:What is the plural of woman?
AI: Ahh, more than one woman. I will designate them as Robo-woman-1, Robo-woman-2, Robo-woman-3, ...


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