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animated character front ends for ChatScript

I’ve been asked to do something fun with technology at the local art center.

I suggested we make chatbots, since it seemed like it would be something that would appeal to students who might not be attracted to ‘programming’ otherwise.

So yes, I have a fourth application of ChatScript now.

I’m wondering if anybody can suggest an animated front end ‘talking head’ thing we can use. I’d like to make an easy UI for the students, and I think they’d be more into something animated and TTS.


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We’ve used Unity before and it worked quite well. There is many advantages on using Unity (decent free version, huge community, work with many scripting language (js, boo or c#)), but the learning curve might be a little steep. I would suggest making the assets beforehand and only have the student work on part of the chatbot, i.e. animation, basic styling & Chatscript.

If that is overkill for your usage, you can always do basic js/jquery animations and use php to communicate with Chatscript.


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Basic js/jquery animations is more the speed here. Was hoping somebody had one of these already made.


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Why not work from the /better/ client in the webinterface folder? That should kickstart things. Throw in a few images, some jquery….bam.


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yes, good idea, if I can’t just find one that’s ‘done’. Artwork’s more of an issue than anything.

To clarify, this is a class to introduce students who might not be ‘the programmer type’ to the fun of computers. So we’ll only be writing simple topics/responders/rejoinders - we def. won’t be having them muck with the front end code.


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