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Cannot build

Hello everybody, and hello Bruce,

I’m a beginner and I followed the tutorial.
But I have several errors hoping when I launch the server :/.

When I launch the server, I have this :
- Unable to read dictionarySystem.h
- Missing 37 word files
After these two, I have about 30 lines of “Missing field in fact create at line 0 of other.txt in other.txt at 0 ^anonymous”.
And finally “Cant generate tmp backups of dict values. Guessing folder isn’t writeable.WordNet: dict=50003 fact=51 stext=4284”.

When I try to build, I have two more : “Error(2) in opening VERIFY” and “Unable to create patternfile in the TOPIC subdirectory? Make sure this directory exists and is writable.”.

What can I do to build it correctly smile ?

Thanks !



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The folder ChatScript, expects to have as folders DICT and others, and expects the executable to be at the top level of that directory.  If you build on Linux, you build in the src directory, and it copies the executable up one level. It sounds like you are launching the server from within the src directory and not the ChatScript directory.  Likewise the ChatScript folder should have a writeable VERIFY folder, TOPIC folder, LOGS folder, TMP folder.


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Hey !

Thanks for your fast answer !
You fixed the problem, I didn’t launch the Mac Compiler from the root of the project
but from the MAC directory.
Sorry for this shameful mistake…

Thanks again.


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