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Unexpected canonical input - help!

I need to catch a simple sentence like “You should be doing something…”. However I got strange canonical input conversion as shown in the screen shot.

Did I do anything wrong in the input pattern?

Many thanks.

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You misspelled “doing” on input as “doning”.
The system stripped off the ing, found a legal verb, and said that’s good. But it should have done a reverse check to prove that the form you gave it was the correct one, which is isn’t. I will fix that. Then instead you would have suffered a spellcheck fix. Possible forms include:  donning, doting, doping, doing, but the minimal change is doting or doping


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Oops! How could I have made such an obvious mistake without noticing it myself! Guess I was exhausted debugging something…

Sorry to bother and many thanks for the advice.


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