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Javascript 1.1.4 bug when using optionals after or after alternatives, or expected behaviour?


Loving RiveScript (using the Javascript 1.1.4 lib), however I’m a bit puzzled by RiveScript’s behaviour and was wondering if this is a bug or not in the JavaScript lib implementation.

Given the following code,

+ (aa|bb|cc[some optional] *

an input of “aaabcdefg” gives an output of “TRIGGER”.

whereas with the following code

+ (aa|bb|cc) *

an input of “aaabcdefg” does not match.

Is this a bug or is this expected behaviour.

There are similar issues with [*] preceding a (aa|bb|cc) block, causing abcdefgaa to match.

It’s causing things like ‘yo’ (as a greeting) to match ‘you’, amongst other things.

Would anyone have any thoughts on this?





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Fixed by Noah. Now that’s dedication!


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