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Announcing Bot Libre 3.0 - Now Open Source!

Bot Libre 3.0 provides an advanced platform for artificial intelligence, chat bots, virtual agents, and live chat, email, and social media automation.

The Bot Libre AI engine is now open source on and hosted on GitHub.

Email [email protected] if you are interested in joining the project, or email [email protected] to become a partner

Some of the new features since Bot Libre 2.5 include:

[li]- AIML 2.0[/li]
[li]- Self 2.0[/li]
[li]- Facebook automation
[li]- WikiData, Freebase, Wiktionary, and Pannous services
[li]- iOS app and open source iOS SDK
[li]- Chat Bot Wars
[li]- Graphics repository
[li]- Free web hosting and content management
[li]- Free subdomains and customizable bot, live chat, and forum websites
[li]- Improved user interface and embedding
[li]- Enhanced artificial intelligence
[li]- ChatScript patterns


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