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New Chat bot site for friends and family.

Hi, I just created a chat bot site that I really like. On it, you create an account with your profile and you are like a bot. You find friends and family that you want to chat to. They are chatbots. Some of my purposes behind this site is to make it easy for anybody to create their chatbot and be one. You network with and chat to other chat bots. My website is Anybody that is interested would be much help in this. Thanks, Chris Clark.


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What is Youchatter?
Youchatter is a chat bot site where you create a chat bot. You can add a picture of yourself and be a chat bot

So do the users pretend to be bots? I couldn’t find any more about the site without having to join up first.


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Hey Steve, Yeah, the users do pretend to be chat bots. My idea of it is you pretend to be a bot. Why use carton pictures of bots. Why not make it for people than besides carton like characters. I believe in the future robots will resemble humans that is here on earth. They won’t be made up from fictional characters that somebody drew on the computer. So my idea behind the site is to fix it so everybody puts their image of them.


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So there are no bots or AI on the site? It’s just a place to meet people?


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No and Yes to your last question above there, it’s a place where you create a bot as yourself and you find other bots that are friends and family and you communicate with them, like you do with a chat bot. You program your bot with questions and answers. Your bot or yourself will give you responses when somebody like your friend or family asks you a question. I kind a see it as a new kind of site for communication, where you connect with friends and family. They are like bots.


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Steve, I made an update on the faq page of my site. Maybe it will try to explain things a little better to you.


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I have a video showing how my website works if, anybody is interested, check it out here:


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