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Counseling and machine learning

Hey guys,
I have written about how counseling could be done with machine learning.  This is my personal reason for wanting to make a chatbot and I explain why I think machine learning (deep learning) is the most promising route.


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> Wikipedia > Confidentiality > Clinical and counseling psychology

The ethical principle of confidentiality requires that information shared by a client with a therapist in the course of treatment is not shared with others. This principle bolsters the therapeutic alliance, as it promotes an environment of trust. There are important exceptions to confidentiality, namely where it conflicts with the clinician’s duty to warn or duty to protect. This includes instances of suicidal behavior or homicidal plans, child abuse, elder abuse and dependent adult abuse.

Speaking as someone with a degree in psychology, who has worked with chatbots for considerable time, while perhaps theoretically possible, this is a legal, not to mention therapeutic, quagmire.  These days your dataset may be/become more valuable than anything you might be able to do with it at this time.  Just assembling a dataset as you suggest would be a tremendous task, even before trying to process it in more complex ways.  In the spirit of the Lean startup model, I would suggest testing your heuristics and techniques in a scaled down version, outside the controversial area of therapeutic counseling, perhaps in something like Conversion marketing.



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