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How to run regression on chatScript

I saw in some document that regression suit can be run using :regress command, but when I issue this command, I get this message “No regression data found for”

Is there some configuration needed to execute this command?


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The regress command is documented in the “finalizing a bot” manual I believe (havent checked). it tells you there are two ways to call it. One takes an argument to tell it to initialize a regression and the one you used tells it to run the regression


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I had followed the same document, but as soon as I issue “:regress” command, chatScript crashes. Is there an alternate ways to run regression? I’m using CS version 5.8.


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Even on CS 6.0, when I execute “:regress init user”, ChatScript crashes consistently.


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I am new in CS and sorry if I’m wrong. But in my experience, it is important to have :quit at the end of regression file.


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The documentation shows two routes, one involving creating a file directly, and the other using the logs. We’ve never got the file creation route to work, but the logs route we have found is 100%. Our approach is:

- Create a text file with the questions you want, no need for any init or quit or reset (say as REGRESS/SCRIPTS/test1.txt)
- have a user account that you just use for regression building (we call it regressor)
- Delete the user log file found in USERS for that test user, e.g. USERS/log-regressor.txt
- Type :reset to ensure all existing user data cleared
- Use :source REGRESS/SCRIPTS/test1.txt echo to fire those questions at the bot (great in itself as a way of testing it)
- Type :regress init regressor (where regressor is the user account with log)
- That generates the regression test file in TMP/regress.txt
- Copy that file and rename (eg to REGRESS/TESTS/test1_r.txt)
- From any account type :regress REGRESS/TESTS/test1_r.txt to actually run the test

If all fine says just OK! Otherwise shows where issues are and offers opportunity to update. We almost always get it reporting tag changes, and even some substantial changes are actually just trivial, but its still a cracking way to test the bot and deals with some quite complex coding.

Hope this helps (we’re on CS8.2 at the moment )




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