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How to run regression on chatScript

I saw in some document that regression suit can be run using :regress command, but when I issue this command, I get this message “No regression data found for”

Is there some configuration needed to execute this command?


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The regress command is documented in the “finalizing a bot” manual I believe (havent checked). it tells you there are two ways to call it. One takes an argument to tell it to initialize a regression and the one you used tells it to run the regression


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I had followed the same document, but as soon as I issue “:regress” command, chatScript crashes. Is there an alternate ways to run regression? I’m using CS version 5.8.


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Even on CS 6.0, when I execute “:regress init user”, ChatScript crashes consistently.


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I am new in CS and sorry if I’m wrong. But in my experience, it is important to have :quit at the end of regression file.


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