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How do i set the time or date ?

This is what i wrote in the pandorabot (playground) editor and it doesnt work :

pattern>WHAT TIME IS IT</pattern>
template>The time is <system>date</system></template>




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Try this instead:

pattern>WHAT TIME IS IT</pattern>
template>The time is <date locale="en_GB" timez format="%I:%M %p" jformat="h:mm a"/></template>

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It doesnt work. This is the displayed error message (in pandorabots):

Message:[in Sax parser] parse of # failed filename cache/manage/files/b4/b4961ccb20469363b1c52914b0ffb62acc7de155, position near character 164


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Try replacing timez with timezone=“0”. For some reason, the forum doesn’t like to post the timezone parameter. Go figure!


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oh, it work now. Is there a way to show the time (ex. 15:04) because what my bot replies is with the date rather than the time

Thanks a lot anyways


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The parameters in my category should produce something like 15:04. Could you post the response your bot is producing?


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This is its reply:

yveete: The time is Friday, February 05, 2016


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That seems odd. Could you post the category you are using please?


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  WHAT TIME IS IT</pattern>
  <template>The time is <date locale=“en_GB” timez format=”%I:%M %p” jformat=“h:mm a”></template>


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timez is supposed to be timezone=“0”  .... but when i copy paste it changes to timez


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Try missing out the jformat part:

The time is <date locale=“en_GB” timez format=”%I:%M %p”>

timez should say timezone=“0”. Why does this forum insist on replacing that….?


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Yes it works now, but what if i dont live in the UK , (i live in Romania). How do i change it so the time is 2 hours in front ?

Thanks !


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I would either change it to timezone=“2” or find your date_locale from this link:
It’s probably ro_RO from a quick look.


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Was looking to find a solution to a related issue and stumbled onto this thread. I somehow cannot set the timezone. Tried timezone = “5” / “+5” / “05” etc and the bot reply gracefully degraded to retrieving the current date. Tried to set the locale as locale = “en_IN” and still doesnt work. Any idea why? Do I need to add any parameters to the format or the jformat attribute?


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This is what happens to me too!


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Yeah, it seems broken. As soon as one adds the “timezone” to the date element, it echos the default format as if there werde no parameters set. Very frustrating…


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