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ExportFlacts and flags

Exporting facts to a file will only save the transient flag for those flags (if set of course) and any other flags are ignored.

This is because of this line in the ExportFacts function

F->flags &= -FACTTRANSIENT// dont pass transient flag out 

The comment doesn’t match the actual functionality which keeps only the FACTTRANSIENT bit.

I can see and understand the need to remove the system defined flags and the JSON flags would lose their meaning over an export/import. But ^import has a transient parameter to reset the FACTTRANSIENT bit for each fact, so I’m not sure what is gained by this tweaking of the flags on the export.

However, I came across this because I was hoping to have some user flags survive over the export/import. Are those something that should be saved?



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Code bug. thanks for pointing it out. Corrected for next version. will be -1 ^ FACTTRANSIENT


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Perfect. Thank you.


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