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Minimum hardware requirements for an operational ChatScript

I’m looking to embed ChatScript in a ‘light’ form on hardware and looking for the limits on specifications.

Already noted is the detail in ChatScript External Communications.pdf section Embedding ChatScript within another program where matters of mini dictionary and memory/log files are presented.

Anyone got any experience out here yet ?


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What limits are you looking for in particular? The executable code can be under a megabyte for CS (not including whatever you embed it in). The O7 app used about 18M of memory for script, dictionary, facts, etc.  You control how much memory is available for these things, they o7 app used a bigger dictionary than minimum (and mimimum at present is merely my arbitrary std of words learned thru grade 6, it could be less).


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I was looking at minimal possible specifications from circuit board upwards. Going down an Amazon Echoesque route with a system that may live offline for some or most of it’s time.

The more I think about it the less I like the idea though.


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