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rivescript minus node

hi, do you have an example or tutorial of running rivescript directly from a server other than node? i mean like you would a normal js ajax app. thanks


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You mean like this?

It embeds rivescript.js in the web browser and runs all its processing locally. It could use ajax to load the *.rive files and doesn’t need anything special from its back-end server (just a basic Apache setup would work fine for example; friendly with shared hosting providers!)

You’d just download the .zip or .tar.gz of rivescript-js from the Releases page on GitHub:

Inside there’s a `dist/` folder containing `rivescript.js` and `rivescript.min.js` (the latter is minified and has a smaller file size, so it should be the one you use “in production”; the other one might help in development because if it raises any errors your browser console can point out the line numbers and be more helpful).

Here’s an example of how to use it (this example loads the *.rive files with ajax):


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