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Real Example Challenge

So here is the challenge.. its really simple but I have had no-one pass it yet.

Lets take a simple AI technology like an Inference Engine or Expert System. All the text would suggest this is a much better technology for making Narrow Decisions than say a simple Decision Tree in a traditional software application.

However the challenge is to find a real example where a AI Inference Engine would conclude a better outcome than a Rules Based engine.

For example would a Rules Engine conclude a Lion is a better Pet when a Fuzzy Inference Engine would conclude a Dog.

Think about it.




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I suppose the only examples would be where the rules didn’t exist in the rules based system to make a decision.


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I concur. An inference engine is more likely to tell you why a lion does -not- make a good pet, than pet-specific software is likely to have rules about lions at all. The main benefit of inference is that it covers gaps in knowledge.
It’s the first time I’ve heard such claims though.


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