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Chatbot Conference in the Netherlands on Tue 24, 2018, with international line-up! Check it out

Chatbots conference in Milan - June 24th

If any of you are in or around Milan, Italy, there’s a chatbot conference on the 24th of June. I’ve been asked to post the following:

First Italian chatbots-day in Milan on natural language dialogue systems and conversational commerce (# ConvComp2016)


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Thanks Steve!

I’m the organizer of : first Italian “chatbots-day”, 24th June in Milano a one day long conference/workshop about chatbots landscape.

I decided to keep the event language Italian right now, but if the event will be a success as I hope, my aim is to create a networking of all stackholders in Europe, linking Milano with friends in Berlin, London, Paris,  Moscow.

I post almost everyday about chatbots and “artificial intelligence” on my microblog: (hashtag: #convcomp2016)




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