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AI Therapist

Hi, I’m working on an AI therapist for my final year design project at the University of Toronto. This chatbot will provide basic psychotherapy for people by asking them specific questions about their problems and listening to what they have to say. I’m basically trying to build a smarter Eliza. I would like to use machine learning for this. Can anyone suggest what platforms I should use? As well, what would be a good corpus to train on? Thank you for your time.


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hi - I have some friends in China doing a basic bot for a therapy site, and they work with a lot of real therapists. Perhaps you can give them a contact.

What kind of features are you going to add to the bot?
How are you going to build it?
What’s your expertise with therapy?

ping me offline or in wechat at dc-magic if you’d like to discuss more.


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Hey Alex, I’m friend with DC. I am a UofT alumn, mechanical and materials engineering. DC is helping us building a basic bot therapist. We are a therapist platform ( focused on Chinese audience in Shanghai, we are currently looking at chat bot as a solution for our customers. Maybe we can have a chat?

Send me a message on Facebook: wernerchao
or wechat: mrsuntan



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Hi Werner,

I sent you a message on Facebook. Reply when you have time. Thanks.



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Hey Alex,

Didn’t see your message, perhaps got the wrong profile?
Try this one:

I think others cannot add me due to some unknown reason, but if you message me I can see it.
Or you could provide a way for me to contact you?

Thank you!


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Hey Werner,

Let’s try this. This is my Facebook. You can add and message me here.

Let me know if you encounter any problems. Thank you.

Alex Badila


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