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List of AIML-based Facebook Messenger chatbots

Why can I find no list of AIML-based chatbots available on Facebook Messenger?

Discoverability is the number one complaint of Facebook Messenger chatbot developers.  One would think that something like this would be in the best interest of Pandorabots users?

Further, what are the easy ways to connect a Pandorabots chatbot to Facebook Messenger?  And, where is this information available?


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Connecting a bot to Facebook Messenger has a lot of requirements.  You need a server to accept the webhook request that supports https, and you need to be able to call the Facebook API. You also need to create a Facebook app, and have it approved by Facebook.

One option to connect an AIML bot to Facebook Messenger is to create a “proxy” bot for it on Bot Libre.
Bot Libre supports Facebook Messenger and other platforms, and you can configure a bot to forward requests to any AIML2 SRAIX compatible service, or really any bot with a web API.




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Mitsuku is on Facebook messenger but I am not actively promoting it there at the moment. Need to make sure the server can handle the extra traffic.


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