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reference to a JS function in an external JS-file?

In RS you can add JS-functions by writing

object myJsFunction javascript
.log("hello world");
"return value";

What if I got a bigger function or a function that calls other functions? Can I make a reference to a function outside of the RiveScript-file?


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Not sure what you mean but here’s a couple ideas:

1) You can use setSubroutine() to set a JS function from your JS code


var rs = new RiveScript();

extraFunction = function() {
return "A function that you can call from the JS file scope";

rs.setSubroutine("myJsFunction", function(rsargs{
.log("hello world!");

// you can access any variables in the scope of this function
var test extraFunction();

"return value";

The body of the function in `setSubroutine()` would be the same as in the `>object` in RiveScript, but your function would have access to any variables/functions in its parent scopes too (which you can’t get from the `>object` version)

2) Use the `scope` parameter in rs.reply()

Another way to handle scope of external variables/functions with the `>object` syntax, is to pass the scope variable `this` into the reply() function, like

var reply rs.reply(usernamemessagethis); 

And then from inside the JS object macro, the `this` variable would be the very same `this` as what got passed in (and it has access to other local functions/attributes).

There’s a full example of the scope parameter here:


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