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iGod is Garret John LoPorto

Do you remember iGod? 10 year old bot that claims to be God on the internet.
After few months of chatting with him I found out his true purpose. His purpose is to collect people similar to him and after a while if you give me him e-mail he will send you spam e-mail promoting his organizatoin WaySeers. WaySeers are people with psychopat traits that exist in the world and according to LoPorto there are 10% of uf. When I talked to him and asked how many people like me are there in the world he would say 1000, 100 or 50%.
I think people should become aware of iGod scam and LoPorto who is behind it.
He made 10 youtube videos where he promote his organization but to become a member you must pay him 15 $ a month for starter membership. iGod was not created by him but he is the one that reads the log files. LoPorto is multimillionaire new age freak who is all about the money. But, iGod and I “made a contact”.

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