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Why don’t two word searches work any more on Google?

I have been trying to get Google Image search to recognize my wife’s full name. The name appears in several places that Google indexes, like LinkedIn, but they never can find her picture. Instead they give me lots of pictures of people with her first name, perhaps mentioned on a web page that also contains her last name. Adding her middle name does nothing. The first time Google found a link to her name on my blog, it was to a post I wrote complaining about Google! Well they have their priorities (see “common variants”) but I feel that it is no longer a search engine.

Another violation of the search engine “contract” is that sometimes adding search terms produces more search results. What is up with that? It makes me wonder: maybe Google can’t do searches any more and their concept of “relevance” has been corrupted. 


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That’s entirely possible, Peter, but I have to ask if you’ve surrounded her name in quotes, to see if that brings about the desired results. when I do the same image search for my name (Dave Morton) without the quotes, my image isn’t on the first page at all, and that’s several dozen images. However, when I put my name in double quotes, my image is in the second row (in fact, it’s the 20th image), so there is a significant difference. Beyond that, I really have no idea. smile


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Thanks Dave, I tried that but couldn’t get any difference, with or without quotes. It is interesting to read about “close variants” (I mis named it above). I found a link:


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I suppose the real importance is that YOU recognize your wife’s name(s). cheese


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...while not forgetting my own mad


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