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strange characters like è are not allowed: how can use it?

Exception: Syntax error in test/z_last.rive line 14: Triggers may only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and these symbols: ( | ) [ ] * _ # @ { } < > = (near: + è il cap di xxxx)

I would like to use the comon italian letters è,é,ò,à,ì,ù ..
is it possibile?



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I have a same problem. I would like to use Scandinavian letters for Finnish and Swedish language like Åå Ää Öö. I got the same error message.

I’m currently using javascript version.


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Enable the UTF-8 support for your version of RiveScript.

# Python
bot RiveScript(utf8=True)

# JS
var bot = new RiveScript({ utf8true }); 

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