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how i can use program o in my website

hello evryone
please help me
i prepare for my project of the last year in unversity i will creat a website with a chat bot
so how i can use or how i can add program o to my website


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How on Earth did I miss this post? big surprise

Hi and welcome! I am truly sorry for the delay in responding. Here is a brief overview of how to install and use Program O:

1.) Visit and download the latest version of the script.
2.) Create a database that can be accessed by scripts on your web server. If you require help with this I recommend contacting your hosting provider for assistance.
3.) Unzip the file you’ve downloaded in step #1 to a location that you can easily access.
4.) Upload those files to your web server to the directory that you wish to use for your chatbot.
5.) Use your favorite web browser to navigate to that same folder for your chatbot and follow the instructions and prompts that you find.
6.) Report any problems you encounter either here, or on on gitHub

I hope this helps, and again, I’m sorry about the delay.


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