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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..

Version 2 of talkigy now released:

I haven’t visited lately because I have been working to finish version 2 of talkigy - why do these things take so much longer that you ever expect ? smile

So what’s new:

Poppy (the demo cat) is now released from her travel box - and compared to version 1, she ...

... should be even smarter with her replies compared to version 1.0.

... can now show you pictures if you ask her; try Or ask her “show me a pic of you running”. This approach can be used to guide users to any content that has a URL

... now does audio (providing you are using an up to date Chrome browser)


The emphasis with talkigy has always been the chatbot as a medium for content - so while other approaches are better at responding to unexpected stimuli, or learning from their users, talkigy is aimed at those who have content that they wish to offer in a “chattable” format without any need for coding (content is provided in spreadsheets). Best way to test this is chat with Poppy: or chat with talkigy about talkigy at

Feedback and ideas for applications much appreciated.


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